RTBkit Handover - Introducing Rémi Attab

It is said that the greatest test of a new democracy is to have a peaceful handover from one government to another.

RTBkit is now 18 months old. I consider the project to be a big success; in that time the project has received over 3700 commits from more than 40 different contributors, and it is used in more than 50 countries. RTBkit is starting to become an important part of the landscape for anyone in the Real Time Bidding space.

The governance structure has been fairly loose, with the development community at large discussing most decisions on the public mailing, a smaller group of committers who discuss major decisions and policy on a separate list, and a benevolent dictator not for life (BDNFL) at the top to break deadlocks and with the power to veto a decision.

I have had the honour of being that benevolent dictator since the inception of the project. I have never had to use the veto power, which I consider a very good thing. In the recent months, I have had less to do with the day-to-day development of RTBkit, and I feel that this interferes with my ability to be a good dictator, no matter how benevolent I may be. I also take the "not for life" part very seriously. I think it is time for RTBkit to be led by someone who spends their day to day working on it, and who can objectively evaluate the design decisions that I made when I started RTBkit three years ago and improve those which were suboptimal.

As of today, I am handing over the reigns to a new BDNFL, Rémi Attab. Those who have been following the mailing list will know that Rémi has been instrumental to building the community and his responses have helped many people get the most out of RTBkit. Less visible has been the work that he has done on the design of RTBkit 2.0 and the continuous design improvements he has made to the process. At this stage it is Rémi who is best placed to have the veto power and steer the project.

So… the BDNFL is dead. Long live the BDNFL! 

(And in case you're wondering, I'm not going away… I continue to read every email on the mailing list, as RTBkit is very important to Datacratic.  Rémi is also supported by the entire RTB team at Datacratic).


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