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Jeremy Barnes is an entrepreneur and technology leader, active at the intersection of artificial intelligence and industry. He has 15 of years of experience applying machine learning to develop innovative products.

In 2010, he co-founded Datacratic, an enterprise software company developing machine learning technology for the marketing industry.  As Datacratic's CTO  he leads an international engineering team developing the product and technology platform.  Prior to Datacratic, Jeremy co-founded Idilia, Inc., a computational linguistics company, where he was responsible for research and development of Idilia's machine learning based core computational linguistics technology.

Jeremy holds two degrees, a BSc (Computer Science) and a BE (System Engineering) from the Australian National University where he graduated with First Class Honors and the University Medal in Engineering.  He is also the recipient of several awards for data mining competitions including a GitHub Community Prize and the Australian Data Mining conference competition.

It is said that the greatest test of a new democracy is to have a peaceful handover from one government to another. RTBkit is now 18 months old. I consider the project to be a big success; in that time the project has received over 3700 commits from more than 40 different contributors, and it is used in more than 50 countries. RTBkit is starting to become an important part of the landscape for anyone in the Real Time Bidding space. The governance structure has been fairly loose, with the development community at large discussing most decisions on the public mailing, a smaller group of...
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Get to know the team behind the Datacratic brand.  Today we bring you an interview with Datacratic's CTO, Jeremy Barnes to talk about the role Datacratic plays in providing API’s to organizations to accelerate their development and deployment of real-time bidding and behavior data modeling solutions. Why are you passionate about providing APIs for engineers to accelerate their development efforts? We deliver our open-source and proprietary products through APIs, and have an API centric philosophy through the company. I love the flexibility and ease of integration that comes from this...
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