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RTB Technology Leader, Motrixi Media Group
Designing, developing and integrating distributed systems is what I do as a software engineer. I'm the RTB Technology Leader at Motrixi Media Group. 
Two of my biggest interests are Distributed Systems and Machine Learning. I am currently getting a Master degree in Datamining and Machine Learning 
at University of Buenos Aires. Big fan of all things Sci-Fi and a rock climber.
Tales of an RTBkit adventure. RTB gave you the power so ... now what ? Power comes with a price, in this case the price you pay looks like a pretty complex distributed system. Developing one of these systems will chew up resources, a lot of time, and if you are not experienced in such systems you will probably sink in dark waters. This is where Datacratic jumped in and opened up RTBkit (thanks, btw). RTBkit will drastically reduce your implementation time, and by implementation time I mean the time it takes to be running a production DSP. RTBkit will solve a lot of your problems, but not all...
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