What are some of the key operational considerations when thinking about RTB?

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Running an RTB system is not trivial. 

You need to consider the following areas:

Cloud vs. buying and hosting your own hardware (i.e. lease vs buy )


  • Hosting - in the cloud or dedicated data center
  • 24-hour logging, monitoring and support
  • Supporting a high-volume distributed system, running on commodity hardware and using basic protocols, connected to other partners on the public Internet. You want ops people with this kind of experience.

Operating Costs

  • Don't overspend on handling more bid requests then you need. Think about your planned spend, and the number of impressions you want to buy. A good rule of thumb is that you will win about 1 out of 100 bid requests you see incoming, so if you assume a CPM typical for your campaigns you can calculate a rough number for the expected volume you will need to support.
  • From that you will want to prototype your system architecture and load test to understand how many hosts you project you will need to run.
  • From that you can calculate a rough monthly operating cost for hosting.
  • You should target 5% of media spend as the limit of what you spend on hosting