What is needed to build a bidder using RTBkit?

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Building, deploying and operating a real-time bidder is a complex project. RTBkit can help you with only part of it. RTBkit is not a solution in itself, only a framework, and it doesn't help you with any of the following, all of which you will probably need to complete your project:
  • Develop the GUI to manage your RTB campaigns and to offer reporting to your users
  • Implement the logic that decides how much to bid for each campaign
  • Launch, configure and monitor your bidding agents
  • Launch, configure and monitor your RTBkit installation
  • Handle billing
  • Serve the ads
  • Upload the creatives
  • Find the right servers to host your services on
  • Develop and maintain relationships with the ad exchanges
In terms of skills, keep in mind that working around RTBkit requires a fair understanding of Linux, C++ and make.