RTBkit is now a Beeswax company.

The Company

Beeswax has long admired the work of Datacratic and the open source community in bringing RTBkit to market. We wholeheartedly believe in and support the transparency and openness that RTBkit provided to the programmatic ecosystem.

Like RTBkit, Beeswax's Bidder-as-a-Service™ was developed to empower sophisticated media buyers to develop completely custom bidding platforms for their unique business needs. While we used many of the same concepts as RTBkit, we built Beeswax as a hosted platform, thus radically reducing the cost and complexity of deployment. The platform was developed with an engineering-first mind set for those who wanted to write code, in any language, to customize the solution. As we evolve, we continue to support a community of forward thinking engineers, data scientists, product managers, and sophisticated advertisers.

Beeswax's Hosted Bidding Solution

The Community

The source code and supporting documentation for RTBkit will remain on GitHub and will continue to be supported by the community. The developer mailing list will also remain active. However, we do not anticipate that additional resources, upgrades or enhancements will be made to the RTBkit in the near future. We encourage those looking for a custom bidding stack to visit beeswax.com.


RTBkit is a real-time bidder framework. Its source code is available at GitHub under the Apache License.


RTBkit is an open-source software framework designed to make it easy to create real-time ad bidding systems.

For additional information on RTBkit, visit the FAQ Page.